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impact flotation cell kaolin flotation cells

The Depressing Effect of Kaolinite on Molybdenite

The depressing effect of clay minerals on copper sulfides was previously reported but there are no systematic studies on the effect on molybdenite flotation in seawater. The objective of this work was to study the effect of kaolinite on molybdenite flotation in seawater and to evaluate the use of sodium hexametaphosphate SHMP as dispersantCited by: 4

Improving recovery of iron using column flotation of iron

01.11.2020BSE – SEM-EDS : Hematite, goethite, kaolin, gibbsite and quartz. Flotation tests were performed at mechanical flotation cell. Reverse ionic flotation was carried out to float silica and alumina gangue using amine based ionic collector and potato starch was used as a depressant, sodium hydroxide was used as a pH regulator.Author: Elves Matiolo, Hudson Jean Bianquini Couto, Neymayer Lima, Klaydison Silva, Amanda Soares de Freitas

The effect of biopolymer dispersants on copper flotation

01.10.2016The ground slurry was transferred to a 2.5 L J.K. flotation cell, with an agitation speed of 1000 rpm. 200 g dry kaolinite mixed in tap water was added to make an artificial kaolinite-ore slurry with 80% clean ore and 20% kaolinite. The solid content in the flotation cell was about 30 wt%.Cited by: 12

Effect of ultrafine kaolinite particles on the flotation

03.03.2020Kaolinite, as a mineral in fine coal, has an important influence on the flotation of coal particles. In this study, the effects of ultrafine kaolinite particles on the flotation recovery of coal particles were investigated. Flotation tests were carried out using a mixture of coal particles and different amounts of ultrafine kaolinite particles.Cited by: 5

Rheological effects on gas dispersion in a pilot scale

The effect of slurry rheology on gas dispersion in a 100 litre mechanical flotation cell was investigated by varying the solids concentration. The study was conducted using kaolin, Bindura nickel and Platreef slurries. All three ores displayed typical non-Newtonian rheological behaviour where the slurry yield stress and viscosity increased

Influence of clays on the slurry rheology and flotation of

01.02.2017The flotation experiments were conducted to identify the influence of kaolin and bentonite clay on the pyrite flotation by executing half factorial design with four variables for each clay type. Clay concentration, pulp pH, air rate, and dispersant concentration were the variables considered in the experimental design.Cited by: 24


01.01.2002Flotation is a difficult process to run efficiently. One way to make flotation performance better is to improve cell level control. However, controlling pulp levels in flotation cells is a complex control task because of strong interactions between the levels in flotation cells. Therefore advanced controllers are needed to give good level control.Cited by: 1

The development of a cavern model for mechanical

01.10.2010The formation of such a cavern in a mechanical flotation cell has been found to form in certain slurries and operating conditions Bakker et al., 2009 , effectively reducing the active volume of the cell where flotation occurs, since a high rate of turbulent energy dissipation, required for the flotation of fine particles Deglon, 2005Cited by: 28

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